Umbilical cord (Ομφάλιος λώρος)



Umbilical cord is what came out of this peaceful, creative and beautiful art workshop in the village of Monolithos. A small circle of four, brought me fresh eggs from their cottage, welcomed me and even hosted me for the night, in the most warm and restful place..

A participant asked me to show them some basics of realistic depicting, so I got what I’ve gotten in front of me, an egg, a plastic glass (on the left, just behind the egg) and tried to guide my painting into realism’s realm 🙂 … but of course, that’s only as much realism I could handle, before that yellow spiral thing came out of the egg, going up, up up …

I arrived in Monolithos in the midst of heat and I put my head under the cold, abundant water in the village’s central water source, welcoming the visitor. The workshop was great fun for me while I felt that all the appropriate people joined, the artists of the village somehow found their way to the art circle …Much appreciation for this.

The materials used are acrylic paint on cartolino.

The item is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by me.


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Here in this video I made using my personal video  recordings, you can get a little taste from that project:

The project NOA was about painting circles in nature, one circle in every village of the island I was born and I grew up, Rhodes. It took me 2 and a half months to complete, as I was cycling with my bicycle from one village to the next, offering art workshops to the locals of all ages.

All of the 44 artworks, along with the video and the materials and tools used in the workshops, were exhibited in an art show in the historical building of the French Consultant on Rhodes, Greece, in August 2022.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 30 cm


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