Tree House / Δεντρόσπιτο



The “Tree House” is a painting I created in the village of Kremasti, between a beautiful circle of painters, and is a personal work as much as a collective one. Strongly inspired by the people creating with me in the circle, the play of the pallet this time involves dust of cicadas skin. Cicadas in the summer come to a shedding of their skin, that shedded skin, mixed with black colour, creates a dark warm cloud going out of the tree house as a trace of the metamorphosis that’s happening within.

The “Tree House” was created on the ground, near the earth and the soil, within a circle of people, connecting into a creative practice. This acrylic painting on cartolino is part of a 44 paintings series that were created during the project NOA. It’s dimensions are 24 x 30 cm and can be mounted on a wall just by itself as it is made on a hard surface.

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The project NOA was about painting circles in nature, one circle in every village of the island I was born and I grew up, Rhodes. It took me 2 and a half months to complete, as I was cycling with my bicycle from one village to the next, offering art workshops to the locals of all ages.

You can get a deeper understanding about the project here, in a 15min video I created around it, using my vlogs, diary video recordings. It’s on my YouTube channel here:

All of the 44 artworks, along with the video and the materials and tools used in the workshops, were exhibited in an art show in the historical building of the French Consultant on Rhodes, Greece, in August 2022.

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Dimensions 24 × 30 cm


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