I wanted to make a trip to Rhodes for sometime and so I started on the occasion of the holy week. I walked out of my house like every other day, but this time I headed to the opposite direction than usual. I had been prepared so I had the usual backpack for such occasions.

I walked for a week in Rhodes and did some  hitchhike. Inspired by the religious dedication of each day, but without giving a necessary religious character, more like interpreting my thoughts, I was creating a drawing towards the end of every day.

I stayed overnight in different places, and the journey ended when i reached the peak and the shelter of Akramytis mountain, where i stayed through the evening of Resurrection. The next morning I set up the exhibition consisted of the drawings I’ve created these days.


The exhibition was not planned, but the idea arose after I finished the second drawing at the end of the second day. What had been planned was that I would end up on the evening of the Resurrection to the Acramytes, so the idea of ​​exposing the drawings there was a spontaneous follow-up. Given the conditions, the distance from the city, the climb to the summit and the day – Easter Sunday – the exhibition had no visitors at all, and a couple of tourists who came to the top did not want to enter the exhibition and I didn’t insist, understanding how one climbs up a mountain top to find quietness.

I was burning incense all over the time of the exposition which filled the room with calmness.



A total of 7 drawings were exhibited, with the latter, “Vespers of Love”, remaining unpublished since I did not publish any photographs that included it.

I named the show “Sol-o”, which was, for me, more of a spontaneous act and a game, referring to the “individual” concept of this particular and entirely individual exhibition, while making a play with the word “sol” meaning “sun” in Latin.

I enjoyed the freedom to attend my first solo exhibition comfortably dressed.





Asgourou – Pastida – Maritsa,

overnight in the courtyard of Prophet Elias chapel


What I was afraid of, with that I am one now.

Holy Monday

Dedicated to the fruitless fig tree that dried up with His word.

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Maritsa – Psinthos – Archipolis, overnight at the Art Park



Holy Tuesday

The 10 Virgins, a reference to faith and providence.

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Archipolis – Eleousa – Platania – Apollo – Laerma – Lardos, overnight at Ypsenis Monastery


You made so many roads but

no one can fit me

I have nowhere to go

Holy Wednesday

In memory of the sinful woman who anointed His feet with myrrh.

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Monastery of Ypseni – Lardos – Gennadi – Lachania, overnight stay at the mojito bar


And while i said that

what I was afraid of, with that I was one,

from that i got separated.

Holy Thursday

The Last Supper, prayer, betrayal, arrest, questioning, denial, condemnation.

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Lachania – Gennadi – Vati – Apolakkia, overnight at rhodesescape


What they call temptation is probably the negative side of doubt.

Holy Friday

Holy Passion and Crucifixion

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Apolakkia – Siana –  Akramyti mountain’s top, overnight at the shelter house.


Every breath is a little sunrise and

every exhalation a little sunset.

The sonata of power,

the nature of power embodied

I am

Great Saturday

What I am afraid of, with that I am one.

Resurrection Goodbye Resurrection.

air out, mountain land, humidity, fire, wood on fire.

Holy Saturday

burial and Hades Descent

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The return.


Sunday of Easter, the sun came out.

I’m leaving the shelter house, I do not know what time it is but the sun is still hot. The exhibition was ultimately solo, as it was designed to be. A couple of Germans passed for a moment but did not want to get in and I did not insist. I understand that one comes to a mountain top for quietness. I’m starting.

Easter Sunday – Exhibition

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