Healing creativity with color


held by the rhodian visual artist Evangelia Vatsaki

at the serene and beautiful location of the Art Park Rhodes

Available Dates:

Friday 02 July 15.00-20.00

Monday 05 July 15.00-20.00

95 € per person

All the materials necessary for your creations will be provided by the host,

a framed canvas for each person, brushes and acrylic colours.

Refreshments will be offered (bottled water, tea or coffee) and a light greek style snack to nourish ourselves during our short break.

Guests are expected to bring a hat and a small towel for sitting at the outdoor workshop.

Being a visual artist, I have gone through several blocks regarding my creativity and now I trust in that I will always find a way to rise above. Recently I overcame a huge block I had regarding my creativity and I am now ready, strong and very excited to share my ideas with you. Strongly believing that words form our beliefs, and beliefs form our reality, I want to guide you with brushes, hands and colors through techniques that can help you release old thoughts and patterns regarding your creativity. Leaving the workshop, you will not stare awkwardly a painting surface ever again!

We are all artists, but we forget it somewhere on our way growing up. This is an art workshop designed to guide you through paths in nature, heal your relationship with your creativity and reclaim your voice to expression. Be prepared for things to become colorfully messy and expect to leave with a smile and confidence.

A live workshop, where you will be guided to some basic energy exercises in order to relax your body, there will be time for you to wonder in nature in search of inspiring patterns, and you will eventually learn how to translate your ideas and feelings into abstract painting. Beginning from the abstract I will share with you creative ways and techniques that will help you express yourself with colors. Drawing principles will be explained to those interested to dive further into the design of imagery. Leave your prejudices as to what creativity is and come to enjoy!

The Art Park

The Art Park is located in the middle of a Rhodian forest, close to water springs and within a close distance to Archipoly village. Between the trees’ shadows there is the studio of the sculptor who runs the space, full of tools and materials for his creations. Next to it there is an art gallery, and a room where artists from all over the world come for art residency. A beautiful space that combines the harmony of nature together with art vibes!


You can visit the Facebook page of the Art Park by clicking on the following link:

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Art Park Rhodes

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