Art as my personal Journey

3′ min read | 02.02.22

Rainbow photo taken by me on 30 Jan ’22, Rhodes island

Sometime now I am thinking of creating a journal. A place to collect my thoughts and texts regarding my personal journey, online. Ask and answer questions about pretty much anything that seems to interest and occupies my mind that I connect with art.

Why do I create art in the first place?

I will answer this in time here. For today I can say that art is a home for me, a refugee, a place that can never collapse. But what’s interesting is, that art is also a journey. Art is for me the journey and the destination all at once.

What is it that i call art, what do i include in there?

When it comes to my life as an artist, I divide my life in three main chapters and these are

  1. my bodily exercises and movement
  2. my observations and inner life
  3. my art-making (whichever form it takes, a drawing, a video, installation, performance or workshop)

I will briefly say something about these three.

Moving my body is for me a great tool. It helps me to get new ideas about my drawings. In a way, I draw movement. I draw sound and vibration. My observations and inner life is the maestro, if you’d like. My body being the instrument, taking in-spiration and stimuli, which then my inner being transforms into ideas, shapes, forms that differ from the reality that my eyes see. My art-making is an attempt to express and bring the ideas here, communicate those to the world.

In the procedure of creating art, I allow physicality of the materials and ‘the moment’ to participate and change the result, so i don’t try to bring my imagination exactly as it is to life, but i let life interfere. I am very very rarely satisfied from my final results and I want that to change but that’s hard, since I am not willing to change my method.

Of course I have the rest that creates a life, relationships, cooking, caring of daily things etc. but for the time being I am not including them to my categorisation, although I need to consider that at some point, as my relationships influence my work a lot.

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